Heartland Youth Savings Account


Help prepare your kids to make wise financial decisions for a lifetime. The Scottie Savers Club encourages savings and money management at an early age. Learning about money, saving and interest has never been so much fun! Plus, Scottie Savers gives kids rewards along the way for meeting savings goals.
  • Dividends paid at a $25.00 minimum balance
  • Quarterly newsletter just for kids
  • Annual Birthday card
  • Certificates are available with a $100.00 minimum balance
  • Fun & unique incentives for saving

  • Scottie Bucks can be redeemed at any time
  • Savings plateau levels are cumulative
  • There is a maximum of 308 Scottie Bucks awarded to an individual
  • Because incentives are based on plateaus, or levels of savings achieved, it is important to use the Scottie Savers Club account for savings only. If your child plans to make withdrawals from their account, we suggest a Regular Share Savings account so your child can take advantage of the Scottie rewards.

Fun incentives for your child                                      

Savings Plateau Levels $25 $50 $75 $125 $200 $350 $500 $750 $1000
Scottie Bucks Awarded 2 5 8 13 20 35 50 75 100

Note: Savings plateau levels are cumulative. For example, if a deposit was made that brought a Scottie account balance from $25.00 to $500.00, the child would be given the Scottie Bucks for the $50, $75, $125, $200, $350 and $500 levels for a total of 131 Scottie Bucks.

Reward Description Scottie Bucks Image
Pencil 2 Heartland Scottie Savers Pencil
Tablet 5 Heartland Scottie Savers Notepad
Paw-Print Stamp 8 Heartland Scottie Savers Stamp
Frisbee 13 Heartland Scottie Savers Frisbee
Movie Pass
15 movie_pass.jpg
Pencil Set 20 Pencil_set2.jpg
Movie Pass
20 Warren-Theatre-Movie-Pass-image-RGB-72s.png
Yomega "Brain" Yo-Yo 35 yo_brain_yoyo_lrg.jpg
Scottie Puppy 40 Scottie_Puppy.png
McDonald's $10 Arch Card 50 ArchCard.jpg
Scottie Dog 100 Scotty_Dog2.jpg
US Mint Annual Proof Coint Set 150 Coin_Set14.jpg

Incentives can be seen in our lobby. If you open your account with a $25.00 deposit, you will receive (2) Scottie Bucks. With an additional $25.00 deposit at a later date, your savings balance would reach the $50.00 Savings Plateau and you would be awarded an additional (5) Scottie Bucks. When the Scottie Savers account reaches $1000.00 or more, you will not be eligible to receive additional Scottie Bucks. There is a maximum of 308 Scottie Bucks awarded to an individual.

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Grade: F
That's the average report card 12th graders earned for financial literacy recently. What our youth don't know is shocking. For example, only 27% understand that interest/dividends on savings accounts may be taxable. Only 40% realize they could lose their health insurance if their parents become unemployed.

Achieving economic prosperity is difficult. It's especially hard for young people who've never learned how to manage money. HCU is ideally positioned to respond because we believe in the power of education. We're here to help you launch the youth in your life toward financial independence.

Join. As a start, open a savings account for each child in your family at the credit union. As soon as your children can write, have them fill out deposit and withdrawal slips. Guide teenagers through using a debit card and balancing a checkbook.

Share. Include your children in your household finance discussions. Show them how you budget income and expenses. As their skills improve, give them challenges such as finding a better cell-phone plan, calculating the total monthly cost of owning a car, or sticking to a budget with back-to-school or holiday spending.

Coach. Remind your children to ask for help when they need it. And turn to your credit union when you want help. Our tradition of service and philosophy of self-help make Heartland Credit Union and all credit unions a natural partner in pursuing financial security.