Custom Savings

When you’re gathering funds for something special, it’s a good idea to start a dedicated savings account just for that dream. This account is specialized so you can give it a custom name and stay focused on what you want.

Open your Custom Savings Account right inside HCU Digital Banking. There’s no minimum balance and you have access to your money at any time.   
You’ll earn dividends on balances of $100 and higher.  It makes reaching your special goal even easier.
Do you have several things you want to save for?  There’s no monthly fee so you can create several Custom Savings Accounts.  Save for a down payment, home improvements, or an emergency fund, all at the same time.

Custom Savings Account Features

  • No minimum balance required
  • Dividends paid quarterly on balances $100 and over
  • Open a Custom Savings Account online, anytime.
  • Give your account a Nickname so you remember what you’re saving for
  • Perfect if you're saving for something special