Debit Card Conversion

On March 23, 2024, we are partnering with a new debit card processor to elevate the standard of financial services we provide to our members. This transition will bring improved features and services for cardholders, such as simplified card management within HCU Digital Banking, cutting-edge fraud detection, and the convenience of tap to pay contactless cards. One thing that won’t change is our commitment to 24/7 debit card support, ensuring you have access to essential resources whenever and wherever you need them. That's the Heartland Way.

The debit card conversion was successfully completed over the weekend of March 23 and 24. Transactions from the weekend are now available inside HCU Digital Banking.  Instant issue debit and credit cards are unavailable in our branches, but we are working to restore this service as soon as possible.

Dates to Know

March 18

  • New debit cards will not be available after 2 pm, and for a period of time following the conversion. We will restore instant issue in our branches as soon as possible.

March 22

  • The last day MyCardRules will be available. Shortly following the conversion, debit card controls will be available inside of HCU Digital Banking, for more convenient and efficient personal banking.

March 23 and 24

  • Debit card transactions will not be available in HCU Digital Banking throughout the weekend. Be sure to check your balance before the conversion and keep track of your debit card transactions over the weekend to avoid overdrawing your account. All other checking transactions, including ACH and Bill Pay, will be reflected in HCU Digital Banking.

March 25

  • By the end of the business day, debit card transactions will be available inside HCU Digital Banking and reflected in your account balance.


Coming Soon: Contactless Cards!

We’re excited to introduce tap to pay contactless debit and credit cards, following the debit card conversion. New and renewed debit and credit cards will feature the payWave symbol and can be used for contactless purchases, offering a whole new level of convenience and an added layer of protection.

With a contactless debit or credit card, there’s no need to swipe or insert your card during checkout. Simply tap your card on the contactless-enabled card reader, and your payment is processed in seconds!

Contactless payments enhance security by using a special code, known as a token, instead of exposing your actual card information. This token, made up of letters and numbers, serves as a temporary stand-in, shielding your personal details from potential theft.

Questions? Call our eBranch at 800.428.8472, email us at, or click the chat icon at the lower right.