Sun shined on HCU playground build

A crisp fall morning gave way to a beautiful sunny day as the staff of Heartland Credit Union and the City of Hutchinson met to build the latest project to be funded by the Hutch-Card Visa.  For the next 8 hours, the playground just east of Stremel Field in Carey Park, would begin to take shape.

The crew of 18 volunteers from HCU, and six city employees worked throughout the day digging holes, assembling walls and putting in place much of the structure that will soon entertain children from ages 2 to 12.  The new play equipment replaces an old wooden fort that had been in place for years.  According to Justin Combs, Director of Parks and Facilities, the new playground is a mix of classic and contemporary design.

The entire $88,000 project was fully funded by HCU’s Hutch-Card Visa which just crossed the $400,000 mark in contributions to the Hutchinson Parks and Zoo departments.  When a Hutch-Card Visa holder uses their card, a percentage of every sale is given to the City to help with projects such as the new playground.

“HCU and Hutch-Card users are proud to be able to provide the new playground in Carey Park” said Garth Strand, HCU President. “Projects like this can really make a difference in a community.”

While the volunteers and City staff worked through the day, there was still some work to do on the playground.  Combs figures the City staff will finish up the project by Tuesday, Nov. 10.

HCU would like to thank the City of Hutchinson for allowing our staff and volunteers to participate in this great event.  A special thank you to HCU volunteers Lori Blakeslee and Jim Woods who gave of their time that day as well.  Jim is a retired HCU Board Member while Lori is a member of HCU’s Supervisory Committee.

Past Hutch-Card projects include: Statuary of prairie dogs at the Hutchinson Zoo, a play area at Salt City Splash, Carey Park Skate Park, the Dino Dig at the Hutchinson Zoo, and a playground at Fun Valley Sports Complex.  The program is producing an average of $25,500 per year that didn't have to be raised by tax dollars.

If you would like to know more about the Hutch-Card Visa or would like to apply for one, visit your local Heartland Credit Union branch or go to  By using the Hutch-Card Visa you’ll be contributing to projects just like this one in the future.