Heartland Credit Union Visa Debit Card


Leave your checkbook at home. All you need is your Heartland Credit Union Visa Debit (Check) Card. It allows you to access funds from your checking account wherever they accept Visa debit cards at stores, restaurants, and other locations around the world. Take the card that lets you pay without writing checks or carrying lots of cash.

  • A detailed description of every card purchase you make appears on your regular monthly checking statement, which helps you manage your money better, because you know how you're spending it.
  • Faster and easier than writing checks
  • Use it to get cash all over the world at any of the 174,000 Visa/PLUS Network ATMs, as well as at any CIRRUS, HONOR, or PLUS automated teller machines worldwide.
  • Visa DEBIT Card Lost/Stolen After Hours 1.800.428.8472
  • Activation of your card is required upon receipt. Do a balance inquiry or make a withdrawal at an ATM, or use HCU Online Banking to activate your new HCU Visa Check Card.

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  • Use it instead of checks wherever Visa debit cards are accepted
  • No usage fees when used as a debit card to debit your checking account
  • Unlimited free transactions at our ATMs, 2 free transactions a month at non-HCU or non-COOP ATMs ($1 each thereafter)
  • There is a maximum limit of $3500 in purchases from merchants per 24 hour period
  • There is a maximum limit of 25 POS transactions in a 24 hr period
  • There is a maximum limit of $500 that can be withdrawn from an ATM in a 24 hour period