Address Change


Heartland Credit Union no longer accepts permanent address changes from the US Postal Service. This means that all members will need to change their address directly with us when they move.

Why make our members do more paperwork? In a nutshell, fraud. The US Postal Service does not validate or perform basic security checks on address changes. This means that anybody who wants to change your address can do it, without your authorization.

Many times when a fraudster wants to steal your identity, they will start by changing your address with the Post Office, without you knowing about it.

So, if you move, PLEASE get with us so we can have you complete the proper HCU paperwork. It is the only way you can change your address with Heartland Credit Union, and we will perform a series of basic security checks to make sure it is really you.

It's an additional step, but in the end we feel that protecting your good name and identity is worth it.

pdfAddress Change Form