Online Banking Help


Q. Should I use AutoComplete in my web browser?
A. AutoComplete is a feature in most browsers that will remember usernames and passwords for you. We highly recommend disabling this feature as it is can allow others who gain access to your computer access to your accounts as well. By default, Internet Explorer has AutoComplete enabled, which will cause the web browser to store account numbers, passwords, and other potentially sensitive information.

Q. What are the limitations for my password on Account Access?
A. The password must be a minimum length of 6 characters. It can be all digits, all alpha characters or a combination of both.

Q. How late in the day can I make a transfer between accounts?
A. Since our systems are real time, you can make a transaction up until our end-of-day processing cutoff (usually around 11 PM) and it will be posted as of the day you make it.

Q. How current is the information online?
A. All information, except home loan information, is live real time. Due to network outages and other factors beyond our control, information from ATM Networks and VISA transactions may be delayed. Home loan information is usually updated nightly on our systems.

Q. How do I protect my personal information on the Internet?
A. First of all, don't reveal your Online Banking Username or password to anyone else. Also, change your password frequently. Make sure you log off of your online session by clicking the log off button and do not leave your computer if you are in the middle of a session.

Q. Should I enable "cookies" in my browser?
A. HCU's Online Banking requires browser "cookies" to be enabled for  This is due to the method used to secure your login.

Q. Why do certain features, like eStatements, check images, and Bill Pay, not show up when I click on them?
A. These Online Banking features come up in a new "pop-up" window.  To use them please disable any pop-up blockers for You may also wish to temporarily allow the pop-up by holding down the "ctrl" key while clicking the link. Google "disable pop-up blocker in your browser here" to find details for disabling your specific browser.

Q. What are linked accounts?
A. Linked Accounts (alternate account access) allows you to view and access multiple accounts you are an owner of, on one screen. It's the most convenient way to manage your multiple HCU accounts. All requests for this service are manually verified for security purposes.

Q. How do I split transactions between categories in New Online Banking?
A. A great new feature is the ability to budget and track your expenses. Currently, an expense can only be apportioned to a single category. For instance a Kwik-Shop convenience store purchase may be either gas or groceries, but not both, at this time.

Q. How do I make principal only payments on my loans?
A. Heartland Credit Union does not allow principal only payments on non-mortgage loans. Mortgage loans do allow principal only payments and there is an option to mark these as such when making a mortgage payment.

Q. If I have a joint account with someone else, do we both need to enroll or can we share an username and password?
A. You can both share the username and password.

Q. Can I sign up for eStatements but not eAlerts, or vice versa?
A. If you sign up for eStatements, you will automatically be signed up for eAlerts. They come together as a package. However, you can sign up for eAlerts only, but not receive eStatements.

Q. You say, "you are free to opt-in or out of our eStatement and eAlerts program as you like". What does this mean?
A. It basically means if you want to go back to receiving paper statements and paper notices, you can, at any time. We will not force members into receiving electronic statements and notices. This election can be made at any time in the eStatements area in our online banking system.

Q.  If I sign up for eStatements and eAlerts, does this mean I'm automatically signed up for HCU online bill pay?
A. No, you are not automatically signed up for bill pay. Bill pay is a separate service that you enroll for whenever you like.

Q. If I am enrolled in eStatements and eAlerts, and then discontinue them, will I still receive free unlimited HCU bill pay?
A. No. We look at your current election at the end of every month when we are computing bill pay fees. If you are not enrolled in eStatements and eAlerts, you will still receive 5 free bill payments each month, but will not receive free unlimited bill pay.

Q. What are the advantages of signing up for eStatements and eAlerts?
A. Security, clutter reduction, and speed. Also, since we feel strongly that eStatements and eAlerts are a win-win situation for all involved (and the environment), we will provide incentives for members that choose this option. For instance: consumer members receive free unlimited HCU bill pay each month they are enrolled.

Quicken/QuickBooks/Money Transaction File Downloads
Using this feature, you can export your transactions into a 3rd-party program, like Intuit Quicken or QuickBooks. To do this, login to HCU Online Banking, go to the Accounts tab -> Account Summary. Next, click on the "Options" link near the top and select the appropriate "Download to" option. Finally, select a date range and, optionally, an account to download transactions for, and click "Download". For additional support, you can contact Intuit/Quicken support for free at

Quicken (Quickbooks) Express Web Connect
With this method members enter their HCU Online Banking User ID and Password directly into their Quicken software. The software uses this information to connect directly to the HCU Online Banking system. The software then downloads account transaction and balance information on the member's behalf. Quicken downloads are automatic through Express Web Connect, which is a Quicken technology.

  • Adding Account Information to QuickBooks
  • Adding Account Information to Quicken

Quicken/QuickBooks support site links.